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Crystal Andrus is one of North America’s most dynamic health and fitness experts, motivational speakers, and is a leading authority on balancing a woman’s work, family, and personal well-being. Author of the bestselling book,Simply…Woman! The 12 Week BODY-MIND-SOUL Total Transformation Program, she has helped thousands transform their bodies—and lives.

She is part of “The Power Within” speaking tour and is on faculty at the famed Omega Institute in New York. Crystal has a calming way about her with an explosion of energy just below the surface and she possesses an uncanny insight and ability to help women uncover their fears and motivations and to discover their passion; thin thighs are just a by-product. Certified by the American College of Sports Medicine and the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, she is also the health expert for Genuine Health’s Transformation Program of weight-loss/health supplements and is the founder of the SWAT Institute.

Her story is simple: Broken home, continued sexual abuse by a family friend, left home at 15, little contact with family, extreme dysfunction, alcoholism, moved countless times, married young, had two babies close together + huge weight gain = BREAKDOWN (or as she prefers to call it now = BREAKTHROUGH)

Fifteen years ago, she set out on a new journey—to find herself; to remember who she really was, and to reclaim the magnificence that had been buried in her for so long. she discovered a woman that she finally LOVED—a woman she is proud of. And she has translated her journey into one that will help you find your buried treasures, too!

The SWAT (Simply Women Accredited Training) Institute site is already the #1 ranked coaching website in the world for women. As an online resource, the site offers virtual on-line events,webinars, and teleseminars, because they allow women to connect from all over the world, all at the same time! Click the image below to see the FREE events coming soon!

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