Epic Breathing…Inspired Healing. A powerful practice of Pranayama.


Many say the Breath Cleanse has them vibrating from head to toe. Others testify that the experience led them to the most tangible experience of spiritual energy inside their body. Over 10,000 have experienced this phenomenal breathing experience.

There is an incredibly powerful tool we have that very few of us completely acknowledge and utilize. It is our breath. Without it, we cannot live, and when we really become aware of it…we come alive.

Our breath carries with it much more than oxygen, it carries the elements of life, of energy, and of health.

Epic Breathing is a technique that fills the body with so much oxygen and chi (energy) that you may find yourself feeling weightless, revived, and for many who come with asthma or other chronic ailments, including broken bones – healed.

In Tibet, there are monks who sit in the icy snow, wrapped with a wet towel, and through a meditative breath practice they are able to not only remain warm, but are able to dry the towels. The same technique they use, Tumo Breath, is at the core of Epic Breathing. This is ancient wisdom with modern results.

You can download and follow along during the Epic Breath Cleanse with this audio – DOWNLOAD IPHONE/Itunes APP

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Rodolfo Young – the Authenticity MuseAuthenticity Muse - Rodolfo Young

Rodolfo Young has spent over 10+ years developing this very unique, yet natural style. He draws from his experience and certification in over 21 modalities of bodywork and energywork, primarily utilizing techniques from Shiatsu, Thai, Tui Na, Cranio-Sacral therapy, and Intuitive Energy work, Reconnective Healing and Reiki.

Rodolfo is recognized internationally as a teacher, speaker, and healer. He has shared the same stage as Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, and other great consciousness leaders.

His signature AlmaFlow Experience has left clients saying it was the first time they have truly felt held, embraced unconditionally, and understood.

Rodolfo tells his students that the Epic Breath cleanse and technique are not really practices of breathing, but rather a practice of awareness.  The main intention being to become aware of the subtle vibrations always around and within you that give you life.


GLOBAL EPIC BREATH – Join us as we simultaneously breath together all around the world.  Take your practice to an even more dynamic and powerful experience. Please check the Facebook page for the up to date schedule.

You can download and follow along during the Epic Breath Cleanse with this audio – DOWNLOAD IPHONE/Itunes APP

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