Inspired Partners Program – Welcome

Congratulations and Thanks for Joining


I have included the basic steps for sharing and earning 100% commissions below.  Just follow the steps to get started.



Join us on Facebook and on Twitter.  It helps us keep in touch and let you know when extra opportunities come up.

On Facebook – Your Inspiration Guide If you use Twitter you can follow us at – Inspire Guide on Twitter

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Make sure you have added our emails to your safe list with your email client, so we don’t end up in the junk mail.  Remember we check your active engagement in the program (and eligibility to be paid) by tracking how much you share, so the emails make it easy for you to know what’s available to share! 🙂


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FINAL STEP: (Smile…your almost done)


Copy the auto-generated link that will appear after you submit your PayPal email ID in the form below (this let’s us pay you).


Then whenever you see an inspiration on the site or in an email that you like, you can hit share or tweet (or whatever social media you use, and include your Special Link (from above) with your comment or status update, and we can track who responds to your sharing!

And that’s it!  Simple.

When people you refer decide to become VIP Inspired Partners also, you immediately get paid 100% of their one-time membership fee.  Payment is sent directly to your PayPal Account.

You must have a valid PayPal ID to get your special link above.  If you do not have a PayPal ID you can get one FREE here – PayPal

Thanks for joining the team!  We are changing the world together!